Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Quick naming(or lack thereof) update

As you can tell from the weekly pics, we're having a hard time with names. We've opened the playing field back up and here are the front runners:


My favorite is now Miles :)

Last weekend we went to Baby CPR class and we learned some really good things(all of which I can't remember now of course). Here are the ones I remember:

1) Never shake a baby(this was in all caps).
2) No more using baby powder when changing diapers.
3) No lotion until after 6 months, baby will have dry skin either way.
4) I am not good at baby CPR, thank goodness Chris is. I was called out by all three nurses independently and called out by name one time. We were practicing on dolls but this is taken very seriously(as it should be).
5) Most of the dads in the class were better at swadling the babies than the moms(me included!).
6) After the baby is born, people who come over to the house and stay longer than 20 minutes are no longer considered "visitors", they are considered "helpers". You are supposed to put them to work(cleaning, vaccuuming, etc.) - not so sure about this one but it did crack me up. The lady had 5 kids and she was super serious about this one.
7) Babies can get a 3rd degree sunburn from being out in the sun for just 15 minutes. No sunscreen until after 6 months.
8) The average newborn needs to eat 8-12 times in a 24 hour period for the first few weeks. Y'all do the sleep math on this one, not great.
9) There were a lot of older couples in the classroom, proof that people are waiting until later in life to have childen.
10) 75% of a baby's weight is in it's head. That's why it falls over and out of the crib once it figures out to lead with it's head(I think you have to see the reenactment that goes along with this one to fully appreciate this stat.
11) We did learn Baby CPR and what to do if a baby is choking. Just re-read my list and thought to myself, it reads as if you didn't actually learn baby CPR :)

I haven't been sleeping much, I wake up around 4AM and can't go back to sleep. I am getting a lot of good baby bonding time and reading in. I felt him stretch the other day and it was so cute(I'm assuming it was stretching since I felt him on the top right and bottom left side at the same time). He will most likely start getting hiccups this week, this really cracked me up :) I've been eating healthier and keeping a food journal to try and cut down on sweets. I "feel" like I'm doing a better job, ha! We go back to the doctor on August 9th to do the glucose test, so we'll see how weigh in and sugar levels go.

We received our first registry gift from my Aunt Connie and Uncle Bob! I haven't opened them yet, I'm waiting until this weekend but it's one really big box and one small box. The cool thing about this is that they gave us our first wedding present as well, so it meant a lot to me that they were our first baby registry gift as well :)

Week 26

Monday, July 18, 2011

I'm going to be an Aunt(again)!!!!!!!!!

I actually drafted this post two weeks ago. I'll start at the beginning.

Chris and I started talks about having children a year ago on Valentine's day(I hate Valentine's day which is why I remember this conversation date). We decided we'd start trying in December. Fast forward to the summer of 2010 and I remember going to the lake with my brother and our exact conversation.

Me to John: Chris and I are going to start trying to have kids in December. You and Tahereh need to get on it because our kids are going to be best friends just like we are. I'm telling you, as soon as I'm pregnant I'm going to call every day to see if Tahereh is pregnant yet.
John to me: Uhhhh huhhhh.

I know this sounds strange, but my brother and I are very, very close. He's always been my protector, hero, sounding board, and all around hilarious best friend since the day I was born. The guy even washed my hair in the toliet with pieces of bar soap when I was little to help my Mom. So I always wanted for our kids to be just as close as we are. John and I are only 15 months apart, so you see my need for urgency here. I also just adore my sister. Sister-in-law just doesn't seem to do it justice since I've known her for 13 years now and grew up with her. Sometimes it seems like she's the older one because she gives me great advice on everything.

Now fast forward to Mom's birthday, May 12, 2011. We're sitting at dinner and I'm across from my Dad, next to my brother, and Tahereh is on John's other side. Here's a transcript of the conversation from my point of view:

Tahereh to Mom: I didn't like something I ate.
John to me: It's because she's pregnant.
Me to John(putting down my fork from eating off my Dad's plate, his food was better): Huh?
John to me(again): It's because she's pregnant.
Me (interrupting the converstaion) to Tahereh: ARE YOU PREGNANT!?!?
Tahereh to me: Why would you ask that?
Me to Tahereh: That's not a valid response!
Tahereh: Yes, we are!
Me: AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! (as crush my brother in a hug and practically knock him out of his chair to give Tahereh a hug and kisses on the cheek).

At this point in the game, I was still miserably sick and I swear the only thing that made me happy besides knowing I was having our incredible baby was knowing that John and Tahereh were having one too(seriously, ask poor Chris). I cannot express how excited I am. Mom and Dad are over the moon of course, they kept asking for grandkids, boy did God answer their prayers(ask Mom about Passion Island in Mexico)!

Back to the details, John and Tahereh are due January 12th, making them 14 weeks this week. They will find out the gender in the next 6 weeks. I'm betting a girl(because I found the most adorable Polo dress the other day) and Chris thinks they are having a boy. Chris' sister has 3 boys and Tahereh's sisters each have one boy. Lot's of boys in our family, so we'll see!

Congratulations, John and Tahereh!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

How do you name someone you've never met?

Baby Blue is the length of an ear of corn(11.81 inches, almost a foot!) this week and about 1 1/2 pounds. I can feel him kick all the time, it's just such a miracle. I miss him when he's not kicking(I know this sounds silly) and I love when he moves. It makes me smile even at 4am. Our next doctor's appointment is next Tuesday, 7/12, and it will be our first appointment without a sonogram, I'm sad! We will doing the famous glucose test to screen for diabetes.

Chris's parents came over last weekend and Chris and his Dad put the crib together! It's so gorgeous! Thanks to Chris's parents for all the furniture building and moving and thanks again to my parents for the gorgeous crib! We couldn't be more blessed!

My Mom has been hard at work on the crib sheets, crib skirt, and diaper stacker. They are even more perfect than I imagined. Curtains and quilt/comforter still to come, cannot wait! Here's a close-up:

Crib sheet and Crib Skirt

Diaper Stacker

Mom and Dad bought Chris all these Rangers onesies, slippers, and pacifiers. So cute! They also bought the onesie below :)

We are at a standstill on names, we were leaning towards Jace, but now we are leaning towards Kai. Luckily we still have 112 days to decide :)