Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Amazing Miles - 7 Months Old

Cell Phone ("Hello Baby")
Red bucket
TV remote


The BB is SO much fun right now! On weekdays He usually wakes up between 5:45-7AM and goes to sleep between 8-8:45PM. We moved his crib to the lowest level earlier this week and we are baby proofing the house this weekend. He's still up on all 4's rocking and scootching(is this a word?) and we think he'll be crawling any day! He has one gorgeous tooth and we think another one is coming in with the amount if drool this boy produces :) he giggles and laughs and he's so wonderful! It seems like he has a sense of humor already, he makes this scrunched up face just to see if we will laugh(which we do every time!). He also fake coughs when he sees his Daddy John in the morning, it's hysterical! He loves, loves, loves going for walks and sitting on the patio blowing bubbles. Just in the last week he's been hesitant to say hi to strangers and he wants his Mom :)

Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Amazing Miles - 6 Months Old

Height - 28 inches - 90-95%
Weight - 20.01 pounds - 90%

Dad & Mom
All family (Cousin Gabe, Gammy, Nana, Daddy John, Grandad, Josh, Tyler, Aunt Shelly, Uncle John, Aunt Tahereh)
Rolling over both ways
Sitting up for 15 seconds
Sitting up on all fours and rocking back and forth (almost crawling)
Being outside (he seriously LOVES the wind)
Rice cereal

Being inside
Getting in his car seat
People he loves walking out of the room

BB is really coming in to his own personality wise. Every day we are more and more impressed with his humor. He mimics noises you make and most recently he goes back and forth with Chris. It's so adorable. Just the other day Chris was working in the yard and he went around the corner to get something and the BB got SO upset his Dad left! Sweetest/heartbreaking thing I've ever seen!
We are so in love with this little boy. So small (or big for his age) but so much joy :) He also waved at Gammy the other day when she was leaving after one of our walks! I was SO excited to see one of his milestones live and in person!
We get to start him on fruits and veggies in the next week. Get ready for some new BB videos!

The Amazing Miles - 5 Months Old

Cookie Monster doll
Rubber keys
Rice cereal(mixed with water, not formula)

Going to sleep
Coming home from Gammy or Nana's :)

The BB is almost rolling over and he is trying so hard to sit up. He reaches for things and passes them between hands.

The Life of a Mom

I decided to start a list of "fun" things I've done since being pregnant and having the BB.

1) I am late most places now. Anyone who knew me pre-BB, this is(was, haha) a sin.
2) I found a bottle in the microwave after looking for it for 20 minutes and asking Chris 17 times.
3) For the first time in 32 years I didn't walk in and wish my Mom a Happy Birthday today. The BB, however, did... so we are all good :)
4) I've done more laundry in the last 14 months than I've done my whole life.
5) I lose my phone daily and my house key has been missing for weeks. When my garage door opener goes missing then I'm just going to ground myself to the backyard until I can keep ahold of items.
6) I leave doors unlocked! Hopefully no robbers from my neighborhood read this blog, I'm working on it! (we have an alarm system but still)
7) I've drafted blogs for BB's Month 5 and Month 6 and I just noticed yesterday all I have to do is hit "Publish". I still need to drop in a pic from FB but this has taken 2 months/2 weeks to do.

Most days I feel like I'm losing my mind...and I'd choose this "fun" living again and again in a heartbeat :)