Friday, February 25, 2011

Yup, that's the best + sign ever!!!

So as you can tell, Chris and I are going to be parents! We are super excited. I thought I'd start a blog to capture everything we've experienced so far.

From the beginning: I felt sick last Tuesday(2/15) and Wednesday(2/16), and it wasn't the normal kind of sick that goes away in a couple of hours or a day. Chris had photography class that night, so on the way home I bought the a 3-pack of pregnancy tests. I took one right after he left, and it was positive. Me being me, I need two positive tests. So I took another one an hour and a half later, and still positive. As soon as Chris walked in the door, I couldn't hold it in and I told him(standing up, I always thought I'd make him sit down first but nope). He was very cool, calm, and collected, I was going crazy. We both couldn't sleep that night(he was watching a space show, I couldn't believe it). The first thing Thursday morning I scheduled a doctor's appt with my physician. We went in at 2:45PM and by 3:17PM it was confirmed we are going to be parents.

Our estimated due date is 10/20/2011, but Chris thinks I was off on my estimate by a week so this date could definitely fluctuate. I really, really wanted an October baby so we can have Halloween themed birthday parties, I cannot wait!!

We went straight from the doctor's office to my parents house to share the awesome news. My Dad and Mom were both over the moon, my Dad thought he was going to die before we (John and Tahereh or Chris and I) gave him any grandkids :). He literally said this, haha(poor guy)!

We went to Chris's parents later that night and shared the good news as well. Chris's sister Shelly was out to eat with her husband Danny, and my little man Tyler, so they received the news via text from our nephew Josh who was in the kitchen with us, so funny!! I love technology, haha! :)

Godparents are going to be Chris's sister, Shelly, and my brother, John.

Special thanks to my best girlfriends for the nickname "Baby Yellow" :)

We've only told family and close friends so far, my doctor and the book I'm reading say it's best to wait until after the first trimester to tell everyone. So if you're reading this blog, shhhhhhhhh, it's a semi-secret still :)