Sunday, September 25, 2011

Matching Outfits and a French Silk Pie

Yesterday Chris and I had the car seats installed (by a certified technician who is "better than the fire department", Chris checked...) and then we went and met John and Tahereh at Norma's for lunch. It was SO good! On the way to the restroom (by the way, if you'd like to know reviews for any of the restrooms in the Dallas metroplex, let me know, I've checked them all out) I paused at the pie counter and started drooling. When I came out, my sister and brother were buying a French Silk pie, my favorite (shout out to Tippins for any old school pie connoisseurs). They sent half the pie home with us, it was incredible!

We went back to their house and we saw Baby Hedrick's room, it looks SO good! The furniture is gorgeous, the crib is perfect, and the bedding is to die for. It's a retro zoo/farm theme with tigers, giraffes, elephants, etc. I love it!

Next came presents. My sister has been texting me all week about presents she bought for us (Miles, that is). Well, she bought our babies matching outfits. Of course I started crying, and I'm tearing up right now thinking about it. God has blessed our family so much, I could never have asked for a greater gift than us having children at the same time. I love my brother and sister more than words can express. They also gave us a Puma onesie which Chris loved and little Adidas booties (which he will be wearing home from the hospital).

Here's a quick update for Miles' room. The Sponge Bob Humidifier and the 3 monkeys pic are from Shelly and the Boys. The 3 monkeys represent the three of us, Chris, Miles, and me. How cute is that? Chris designed the light switch cover, our favorite lyrics from our favorite bands. I know it wasn't easy for him to write Radiohead lyrics down :) He's just so creative!

Week 35

Monday, September 19, 2011

Baby bets and a BBQ

This weekend we had a BBQ since we won't be having the annual Halloween party. Friends and family stopped by the house to eat, drink, and see Miles' room and adorable clothes! We had a blast! While sitting around the table, Aunt Kristen came up with the baby bet and money started flying (along with a couple of Oktoberfest and Subway coupons which were deemed non acceptable forms of payment). For $10 an entry(and only one entry per date) Here are the bets:

October 6th - Ken
October 12th - Kristen
October 13th - Sabrina (her b'day and Canadian Thanksgiving)
October 14th - Kevin & Rita
October 15th - Melanie
October 17th - Adam & Amber
October 18th - Jonathon
October 19th - Kristen
October 20th - Ryan & Jenna
October 21st - Rachel
October 22nd - Samson
October 23rd - Kimmie
October 24th - Noel & Marine
October 27th - Jason
October 30th - Jonathon
October 31st - Simonson

If we have Miles on one of the dates above, winner takes all. If not, Miles will get an early start on his college fund, ha! I love our friends!!!!! :)

Week 34