Friday, March 1, 2013


The Amazing Miles is now 16 months old, my how time flies! He started daycare 3 days a week last Thursday. He cried and cried when I dropped him off for the first time. It was the first time in his BB life he's stayed with anyone other than family. It's possible I cried too(as well as the grandmas)... I called to check on him twice and he ate his lunch and took a nap! This week he still cries when we drop him off(well let's be honest here, Chris has been dropping him off because I'm a wuss) but his teacher says it only lasts for a little bit and then he's off playing. He's such a big boy now! He is super tired when he gets home from school, he went to sleep at 6:40PM and slept until 5:30AM on Wednesday! He had his first haircut back in January(shows how behind I am) and ever since then he no longer looks like a baby, he looks like a little boy! We also got rid of bottles about a month ago(he was only drinking one at night before bed anyways).

He's at such a fun age right now. He loves, loves, loves to read and he started saying "Daddy" consistently this week. He's so proud of himself when we say good job to him. He smiles this cheeky smile and giggles. He adores his grandparents and family, Elmo, Super Why and Airplanes. He knows where his belly button is and where his eyes are, the letter "Y", and he will honk his car horn upon request. He's eating solid foods at school and we're working through the stockpile of baby food at home. He eats bites of almost everything that I eat that's not spicy or fried. He even likes black-eyed peas(that's my boy!). He's not big on meats yet but he likes almost all veggies. He loves Chex, goldfish, and milk.

With each and every new day we love him more and more. We are so incredibly lucky and blessed to have the Amazing Miles in our lives! :)