Monday, May 23, 2011

Baby BLUE!

Our last doctor's appointment was May 13th at 3:45PM, 16 weeks. It was also Friday the 13th which happens to be my lucky day. We are having a BOY! Little man will be carrying on the Dickinson name :) We are SO excited! Because I'm behind, we are 18 weeks tomorrow. The baby is the size of a sweet potato, 5.6 inches and 6.7 ounces. 

Beginning in the 17th week, we turned a corner and I feel excellent! I'm not tired, sick, and I can eat popcorn again! We've gone to two movies in the last week. We've been shopping and here are some of the goodies we've purchased so far.

We've also purchased a dresser and wardrobe from IKEA and they are so incredibly cute. We put the dresser together this weekend(it went well, only put a few things on backwards due to my management but Chris caught them in time). We figured IKEA furniture would be a good purchase after a FB post from a friend last week with a pic of her ottoman decorated in sharpie designs :) We've also picked out room colors, Spring Green and Dolphin Grey(the two squares are missing because they are going to my Mom's house tomorrow morning and I had to put them in my purse before I forgot what I was doing). 

My unbelievably talented Mom is going to take one of the Calvin and Hobbes images we found and make bedding(a comforter I think?). Here's the adorable pic:

Last but not least, we're still totally debating names. Here's the current list(of course I'm probably going to miss some, there are a lot):

Miles or Myles

I also like Pacey but I believe that name has been veto'ed due to my high school Dawson's Creek crush, haha!

Again, thanks to everyone who keeps up with the blog! Sorry it's been so long, I feel so good all I want to do is go out and do things now! :)