Sunday, November 20, 2011

Month One

The Amazing Miles is one month old! I can't believe how fast time flies, this has been the fastest month of my life. Miles sleeps 2-3 hours (we had one 5 hour stretch) and eats anywhere from 2-4 ounces of formula/breastmilk each time he wakes up. He does not like having his diaper changed, but he is the sweetest, calmest baby once we're done. He loves sleeping on people but he does sleep well in his stand alone bassinet and pack-n-play bassinet. He can now go out in public and we've been out and about pretty much everywhere you can think of to shop and he's even gone out to eat with my family and he was so well behaved! He loves the lights and ceiling fans in the living room and our bedroom. He loves when you rub his legs and head. He grunts A LOT. When he sleeps, when he's happy, when he wants you to do something. I'll post a video on here, we have a grunter on our hands and it cracks us up. How can you not love waking up at 4 AM to the cutest grunter in the world? You can't help but laugh, especially when he wakes himself up. This has been the best and most challenging month of our lives. HUGE THANKS to Mom, Dad, Susie, Eddie, John, and Tahereh for all of the love, support, and help this first month. My Mom stayed with us the first week and a half and I just don't know what I would have done without this amazing woman! We go on daily walks and outings with Gammy. Miles and our whole family is so lucky to have her! Sweet Susie aka Nana would come in the afternoons so Chris and I could take a nap or do errands around the house. My Dad would pick us up lunch/dinner, mostly both and come calm Miles or me down when needed :) We have the best families in the entire world! We love y'all! Here is Miles' one month picture and some cute videos. Apologies in advance for the camera shaking and the baby love comments, I'll try to calm it down :)

Someone's a grunter!
Harrassment from Mom and Dad

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Baby Miles has arrived!

And I swear he knows each time I open the laptop to update the blog :) As I type he is in his pack n' play napping, making noises so I jump up each time only to confirm that his eyes are still closed :)

Sunday, October 16th was John and Tahereh's first baby shower. We attended and I was a bad guest the whole time. I was really uncomfortable the entire day. We got home around 5PM and at 7:15PM, I had what they call a "high leak". My water was leaking but had not broken yet. Contractions were still sporatic and not painful so I waited until Monday morning to call the doctor. I called at 8:30AM and the nurse called back at 10:30AM when Mom and I were shopping at Target and asked if we could come in at 12:30PM for a sonogram. I said of course and we were off to meet Dad for Chinese. Then she called right back and said that Dr. Taylor wanted us to come in immediately and so we were on our way. Once we got to the doctors office(it's inside Texas Health Plano formerly known as Presby Plano), we had our sonogram and Miles was measuring a week ahead like normal. Dr. Taylor checked us out and decided that we needed to go up to Labor and Delivery. I couldn't believe it, I really thought we'd go in and she'd send us home and we'd go eat Chinese :) We went up to Labor and Delivery, checked in, and then the doctor came and fully broke my water at 1PM and started us on Pitocin which is used to speed up and intensify contractions. I was trying really hard to have a natural birth, but with each stronger contraction, I became more nauseated. Chris was super sweet in helping me with my decision to get an epidural, and now I am a very strong believer in epidurals :) We started pushing at 2AM (seemed really fast to me) and Baby Miles was born on October 18, 2011 at 3:25AM. He weighed 8 pounds, 12 ounces and was 18.9 inches in length. Chris and Mom were both with me when he was born, what amazing support and coaches they were! Here are pictures of our adventures so far:

 First family picture!

 Eddie and Miles

Our brand new tea cup human

 The amazing Dr. Taylor! Love her!
 Discussing serious business
 First pediatrician appointment, 10/22/2011 at 9AM

First trip to the park!
Susie (Nana) and Miles
Flowers from Roya, Ian, & Liam, The Clevelands, Spear One, Mavash & Alan, and Susie & Eddie

Lyndi and Miles, it meant the world to me that she could make it. And what a help, Mom and Lyndi cleaned our house before we came home!
Daddy John and Miles
Miles is just the sweetest baby, we are so blessed. He only cries when he wants something (bottle, diaper changed, etc.) and he mostly eats and sleeps. He sleeps during the day and parties from 1-5AM on most days (just like in the womb!). We've been to the park, Gammy and Grandpa's, and we go on daily walks with Gammy. So far my maternity leave has been amazing, I'm so lucky to be able to spend this special time with our incredible little man!