Monday, August 6, 2012

The Amazing Miles - 9 Months Old

Weight: 23.3 pounds - 75-90%
Height: 29 inches - 75-90%

All things vegetables
Sweet potato puffs
BB brush
Playhouse at Gammy's
Play door at Nana's
Jeep walker at Nana's

When you take something away he wants(yikes!)

The BB is cruising around while holding onto things (the couch, baby gate, anything, really). He is so funny and will mimic what you do (Daddy's scrunched up face, Daddy John's fake cough). I will "chase" him around while he's crawling at breakneck speeds saying "I'm gonna get you!" and he giggles and giggles! He loves, loves, loves going to both grandparents houses. He gets so excited wiggling his little hands around each and every time we walk up. Uncle John and Cousin Gabriel come and play at Gammy's house every Tuesday and they have a blast! We've finally started going out to meals as a family, it's so much fun! We can't believe what a big boy he's becoming, what a joy this gorgeous little boy is! He's my sunshine :)

The Amazing Miles - 8 Months Old

Weight: 21 pounds


Vegetables - butternut squash, pumpkin, carrots, sweet potatoes
Uncle John


Fruit - apples, peaches, pears, bananas

The BB is more and more fun each month. He's crawling everywhere and has TWO of the most gorgeous teeth we've ever seen! He still hates sleep, he goes to bed around 8:30pm-9pm, and usually wakes up once or twice each night for a bottle. He wakes up between 5am-6:30am. He takes two 30 minute naps and one 1.5-2 hour nap each day(on good days). He caught his first cold this month and was a bit fussy with a sore throat(as we all are!) but he made it through :) He's so smart and handsome, we just adore him!