Wednesday, February 12, 2014

How is it 2014?

I thought this might be a good time to do a quick catch-up of where we're at. I have NO idea how it's 2014 already. I think I need to start doing one of those question sheets every year and that would be fun to look back on. Here's where I'll start for now:

Job - Real Estate Photographer for Shoot2Sell
Car - Red 2009 John Cooper Works Mini Cooper
Hobby - 365 Project/Photography/Painting/Reading

Job - Senior Designer, Instructional in Sales Training for MetroPCS(a T-Mobile brand)
Car - Purple 2011 Hyundai Elantra
Hobby - Chasing toddlers/Making it to work on-time/Sharpart(Sharpie Art)/Reading

Monday - Parker-Chase (a private preschool in Carrollton)
Tuesday - Parker-Chase
Wednesday - Nana & Grandad's
Thursday - Mimi & Daddy John's
Friday - Parker Chase (Nana usually picks him up around 3:30PM)

He's really grown up in the last couple of months. He corrects Chris and I now. Just yesterday I made a noise to him that he loved when he was a baby and he told me not to spit. I think he might be borderline OCD. His trucks have to be lined up against the wall in his room and all facing the same way. He likes doors shut and he LOVES washing his hands and brushing his teeth. He had double ear infections at the beginning of the year and handled it like a champ. He loves to play outside, playdoh, cars, Mickey Mouse and stickers. I'm pretty sure I say this in every blog post but this is my favorite age so far. He's such a blast. He's still not going to sleep on his own at night and only wants me to put him to bed right now(although I will say he's let Chris put him to bed twice this week after me being in there for 30 minutes and giving up). We're wusses and I just can't let him cry it out. Plus the times we've tried it's been hours and hours of crying only for him to fall asleep and then wake up an hour later after we've fallen asleep to start the whole exhausting process over again. Therefore, I put him to bed every night. I must say, he's pretty hysterical before going to sleep(don't worry, I don't laugh so he can see or hear I promise). The things this child thinks of to talk about.

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