Monday, April 15, 2013

The Amazing Miles - 18 Months!

How in the world is my baby 1 1/2? Where did the time go? Chris and Miles were laying on the couch this weekend and Miles was 1/2 the length of Chris. Goodness, time really does fly...

All Things Grandparents
Reading, Reading, Reading
Grilled Cheese Sandwiches
Oven Toast
Climbing on EVERYTHING

Being told no
Anything Sugary

Mama or Ma(only when he really, really wants something)
Juice(this includes juice and milk)
Thank You
Jelly(only heard once but it still makes the list)
Cold(his first word)
Ah-choo (Mommy: Miles, what does a doggy say? BB: Ah-choo! Mommy: Well, maybe??) - That's good parenting right there, ha!

Miles is a super busy boy these days. He absolutely loves school(daycare) and his teachers are just wonderful. He had his first picture day a couple of weeks ago, we should see those pics soon(I'm so spoiled with Chris and his turnaround time, ha!). He can also growl! Cutest growl in the world! We went to his first swim lesson on Saturday and he was beside himself. I could barely hold him. He also has his first carnival on Friday at school and I can't wait!

We found out a couple of weeks ago that Miles has allergies so we are working through the different allergy medicines to find the right one for him. He loves to read and can point to an airplane, car, firetruck, wagon, and the majority of colors(colors when he feels like it) when prompted. He loves to color with his crayons and taking baths(not with crayons). Oh how this boy loves his baths and water :) He also gives the best hugs and kisses. The Easter bunny brought him a sit-n-spin and thus far it spins via Mommy, Daddy, or BB's foot. It's pretty funny.

It took awhile for him to speak actual words(he has whole conversations with us, we just don't know what he's saying) but in the last week it's like someone flipped a light switch on and all of a sudden here come all these words!

Since we were at the doctor's so much before they determined it was allergies, we get to wait a couple of weeks for his 18 month appointment. I'll update this entry with height and weight after we go.

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