Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Amazing Miles - 1 Year Old!

# of teeth: 8, front 4, top and bottom
Weight: 25 pounds
Mode of transportation: walking!
Meals: (1) 6-8oz bottle at bed time, as much baby food as we can get in him (2-3 partial jars), cheerios, bananas, rice rusks

Cheerios, cheerios, and more cheerios
Rice Rusks - Vegetable and Banana
Crackers - graham and cheese
Pots and pans
Going for walks
Books: I Love You Through and Through, Good Night Moon, Yes Yes, No No

When you take something away he wants

BB seems to really have come into his own this month. He's at such a fun, happy age. He smiles and giggle and jokes, such a funny guy. We just adore hime. We had a huge birthday party at our house and friends and family from all around came to help celebrate little man. It was a fantastic day. BB had a birthday dinner with an Elmo cupcake with family, his birthday party at our house, and then a birthday party at Nana and Grandad's on Sunday for the Dickinson side of the family. Words just don't seem enough for how much joy Miles has brought each and every single person he comes into contact with. We are so, so blessed to have Miles as a son :)

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